What is link building?

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In SEO or Search Engine Optimization, there is a process called link building wherein you get a higher rank in search engine like Google if you have more links that are related to the highly searched keywords. Here are some of the most effective ways of building links:

  • Link dropping / request – it is the method where you ask other website owners to put the link of your website on their pages. This could help your website to be recognized as one of the trusted and relevant sites on the internet. This is also known as “backlink”. If you ask famous bloggers or website owners to place your link on their page, there is a big chance for you to have more readers or followers.
  • Social link – this could be the most popular way and easiest form of link building. Since social media is part of our daily lives, there is a bigger chance to be noticed by the target audience if your post or website link is posted to any platform.
  • Content link – maybe you have heard of the term “guest blogger” wherein other posts or blogs are mentioned on one of the articles made by the website owner. It could be in the form of Anchor Text (in example, click HERE) or also known as “a href”, the code used for anchor reference.
  • Directories – you can find directories online which does not charge any amount for advertising or adding your website on their list, but some requires an affordable rate to be included on their local or general directory.
  • Link buying – this method is not really recommended because it is somehow unethical. You offer a cross-deal to the website owner in exchange of posting your website or post link in one of their pages.

How is social media an effective tool in link building and SEO

How is social media an effective tool in link building and SEO? We all know that in this generation, young adults to senior citizens are into social media and it is already part of everyday, But, can it make a website successfully optimized or can invite more traffic? Well, these are just some of the questions frequently asked by website owners and bloggers. 

As a matter of fact, social link or link building thru social media can be a big help but making it our primary and only method could not be so effective. Why? Because not all the target market or audience is on social media. They may not be active or worse, they do not have an account. Even if you work hard on your ads, if it will not reach the right audience then it is useless.

Another reason why social media alone is not recommended because of the relevance and trust scores is not that high. The domain and page authority will be badly affected since the relevancy score will be based on contents from other websites or pages.

Although in social media, you can use the sponsored ads section instead of depending on basic social shares. Although, this method will only make you visible temporarily and it is not free of charge. It is similar to other paid ads but this one is through social platforms.

In link building, you have to consider other methods like link drop, content, social media etc. because these ways will surely help your website to gain a higher rank in search engine, attract more readers or daily visitors and promote your brand without having a hard time and not spending any cost.

3 benefits of link building in SEO

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You may understand what SEO and link building is all about but you may not be aware of its advantages to a website owner. Here are the 3 benefits of link building in SEO:

  1. Domain Authority – Search engines such as Google will recognize the relevance of a website through the number of backlinks made. The more inbound links to the page created the better. If a lot of websites have included your hyperlink on their pages, you will gain more trust and higher rank in search engine. Of course, the websites posting your link should be relevant to the nature of business or category of blog you are handling, because if it is not, then the scores will not be counted and may be marked as spam.
  2. Referral traffic – you can get referral visits or visitors coming from the other websites where your links are posted. One of the advantages that you can get from link building is you can get more readers without doing much effort. If they see your link and become more interested to your website, they can simply click on it and earn you will earn new followers.
  3. Ad Campaign Duration – Instead of paying for banner or video ads, or any other form of advertising, link building is the best option if you want a lasting promotion without any payment. In paid ads, you can only advertise your product or brand for a specific time while in link building, as long as the websites where your links are posted are still up and working then you are still visible to many online users. It is effective and cost-saving especially that more and more people are into blogging and website keeping.