3 benefits of link building in SEO

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You may understand what SEO and link building is all about but you may not be aware of its advantages to a website owner. Here are the 3 benefits of link building in SEO:

  1. Domain Authority – Search engines such as Google will recognize the relevance of a website through the number of backlinks made. The more inbound links to the page created the better. If a lot of websites have included your hyperlink on their pages, you will gain more trust and higher rank in search engine. Of course, the websites posting your link should be relevant to the nature of business or category of blog you are handling, because if it is not, then the scores will not be counted and may be marked as spam.
  2. Referral traffic – you can get referral visits or visitors coming from the other websites where your links are posted. One of the advantages that you can get from link building is you can get more readers without doing much effort. If they see your link and become more interested to your website, they can simply click on it and earn you will earn new followers.
  3. Ad Campaign Duration – Instead of paying for banner or video ads, or any other form of advertising, link building is the best option if you want a lasting promotion without any payment. In paid ads, you can only advertise your product or brand for a specific time while in link building, as long as the websites where your links are posted are still up and working then you are still visible to many online users. It is effective and cost-saving especially that more and more people are into blogging and website keeping.

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